Table Savers...

New tables become old tables again in just a 
couple of years, especially in outdoor dining areas.

With Table Savers you could instantly resurface your tables
twice per year for 5 - 7 years, far longer than any new
table will remain "new."

So why buy new tables when you can resurface 10 to 15 of
your tables for less than the cost of just one new table?

And if you've already ordered your new tables, you can
still use Table Savers to protect your investment for years
to come, while gaining the ability to vary your decor from
time to time.

Keep new tables looking new for years...


Change decor in an instant!

Fast, Easy (  just stretch them over the top, a simple "X" slit for umbrellas if needed, and you're done ) 
LOW cost
( just $10 per re-surfacing )

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